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About Us  


Our Mission

ICOD is a consulting firm that is dedicated to empowering the public and civil society organizations by helping them develop their structures, build their capacities and fulfil their missions. ICOD collaborates with local and international aid and development organizations that also aim to optimize the organizational performance and effectiveness of the public and civil sectors and maximize their social impact.          

Our Vision

We envision an efficient and interactive society where the civil, public and private sectors work in synergy to achieve social and economic development. The public sector and civil society organizations play a major role not only in implementing effective programs but also in shaping proper plans and policies that reflect the real needs and aspirations of the local communities. Organizations network and intercommunicate for the greater good of society. Both men and women, equally and fairly, are active actors in all social, economic, educational, cultural and political, processes that affect their lives and the lives of their families.


 Our Values

  • Human Rights

  • Gender Equality

  • Child's Rights
  • Rights-based Approach

  • Social Justice

  • Empowerment & Participation 

  • Democracy & Active Involvement 

  • Partnership & Networking

  • Accountability & Transparency