ICOD creates lasting change to help organizations deliver more effective outcomes

What We Do

ICOD strives to support public and civil society organizations by assisting them develop their strategies, means and resources so they can achieve their goals and create the social change they aim for. ICOD's provides four main types of focused services:


We use organizational development as a tool to facilitate organizational success and increase social impact by aligning our clients’ strategic choices, structural capacities and organizational frameworks with their missions, opportunities, challenges and needs.

Consulting & Coaching

Whether it is strategic planning, fundraising, policy development or any other process, we strive to use our extensive experience, knowledge and network to ensure that we are providing excellence in each and every consultation we deliver.

Social Research

We provide evidence-based tailored research and intelligence to help our clients create responsive strategies and develop relevant goals, means and resources that would enable them to successfully implement their programs and maximize their social impact.

CAPACITY Development

Our approach to capacity building not only includes the development of our clients’ knowledge, capabilities, skills, behaviors and competence but also the provision of continuous coaching and support to ensure effective performance and program delivery.

Imagine that the change you want to achieve is not only possible and attainable, but that it is within your ability to grow from a little seed and then watch it mature to a magnificent reality that can impact the whole world!

Who We Are

We help organizations achieve their goals

Founded in 2001, ICOD is an international consulting agency that focuses on achieving gender equality, structural functionalism, social justice and sustainable development by supporting public and civil society organizations to enhance their planning, implementation and impact. ICOD collaborates closely with local and international organizations, NGOs, the public sector, UN agencies and EU institutions who share its goals and vision.

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How We See The World

Our Vision

We envision a functional society where the civil, public and private sectors collaborate in synergy and solidarity and where social justice, equality, sustainable development and stability prevail.

What We Accomplished Recently

We have successfully worked on hundreds of projects all around the world. Some of the recent projects are:

Consulting is not a one-time service; it is a life-time process of coaching and support that we are always ready to provide to our clients. Do you want to know how we can help you?

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