June 4, 2019

About Us

Founded in 2001, the International Center for Organizational Development (ICOD) is an international consulting agency that focuses on achieving socio-economic development, structural functionalism and social justice by providing public and civil society organizations with relevant means and tools that would enhance their planning & implementation and impact. 

ICOD collaborates closely with local and international organizations, NGOs, the public sector, UN agencies and EU institutions who also aim to empower communities and achieve human rights, gender equality and sustainable development.


ICOD is an international consulting agency that is dedicated to empowering public and civil society organizations by assisting them develop their strategies, means and resources so they can achieve their goals and create the social change they aim for. ICOD does so by collaborating with local and international organizations who share its goals and endeavour to achieve gender equality, structural functionalism, social justice and sustainable development.


We envision a functional society where the civil, public and private sectors collaborate in synergy and solidarity and where social justice, equality, sustainable development and stability prevail. All women and men are equal, free, live in peace and dignity and participate fairly and effectively in all social, cultural, economic, educational and political processes and decisions that affect their lives and the lives of their families and communities.


There are fundamentals that inspire us and that we won't work without such as social justice, solidarity, human rights, gender equality, child’s rights, rights-based approach, empowerment, active participation, collaborative partnership and accountability.​