June 4, 2019


Who are the team members?

We’re a pool of professional, committed, experienced and motivated consultants, strategists, economists, gender experts, lawyers,  researchers, human rights activists, media experts,  thinkers, innovators and problem solvers.

Our team consists of highly skilled consultants and trainers who come from all over the world each bringing in a unique experience, a professional background and a solid academic platform in one or more of the key sectors.

Our team’s collective theoretical and academic knowledge is extensive and is only matched with a long practical field experience and a contextual knowledge of the Middle East and North of Africa.

Why work with us?

Because we care… and we genuinely want to help you enhance your planning, performance and outcomes.

Our deep sense of commitment brings life and creativity to organizations and provides them with clear strategies, goals and means so they can make the change they aim for!

We are all human rights activists but our hearts and passion are always oriented towards achieving gender equality.

We nurture large and small organizations from both the public and civil sectors and provide them with tools to accelerate their growth and success. We also support organizations to overcome their most complex challenges from internal structures to governance, project design, fundraising,  implementation, quality control, and M&E, while simultaneously helping them achieve long lasting change. 

ICOD has an extensive network of partners and resources and has over the past years collaborated with some of the most influential NGOs and the finest research institutes and universities in the world such as Michigan University, Ersta Sköndal University College, University of Liverpool, the American University of Beirut and Notre Dame University.