June 4, 2019


ICOD provides two main types of solutions:

I- Organizational Solutions

Because the ultimate success of any organization depends largely on its ability to learn, plan and respond quickly and effectively to both its target groups’ needs and the dynamic changes of the environment,  ICOD strives to help organizations do exactly that!

ICOD provides focused, practical and contextual organizational solutions and services that are specifically tailored to help an organization enhance its performance, attain competitive advantages, increase its financial sustainability and ultimately achieve its goals, while simultaneously managing the risks and challenges it faces on daily basis.

II- Large-Scale Social Solutions

ICOD also strives to collaborate with the civil, public and private sectors to achieve large-scale social change and economic development. ICOD works on interventions that aim to:

  1. Develop the competence and capacity of the public and civil society organizations so they can effectively promote sustainable human development and achieve social justice and equality.
  2. Build functional societies that embrace democracy, human rights, gender equality, solidarity and stability.
  3. Empower underprivileged communities and groups – especially women and girls- to participate fairly and effectively in all decisions that affect their lives and the lives of their families and communities.
  4. Encourage collaboration, solidarity and synergy between the civil, public and private sectors to steer change through the use of collective strategies and connections to solve large-scale problems.

Each of these two main solutions is supported by a four-pillar model that comprises:

Change Management

Through a holistic and motivational approach that places people at the heart of the process, we use organizational development not as a tool but as a way to facilitate planned and systematic change in the values, behaviors and attitudes of a team's members. We use organizational development to facilitate success and increased social impact by aligning our clients’ strategic choices, structural capacities and organizational frameworks with their missions, resources, opportunities, challenges and needs of their organizations and those of their targeted groups.

Consulting & Coaching

We provide practical consulting services to ensure that our partners and clients acquire all the necessary plans, strategies and information that would enable them to achieve their own goals more effectively and efficiently. Whether it is strategic planning, fundraising, policy development or any other process, we persistently endeavour to utilize our extensive experience, knowledge and networks to ensure that we are providing excellence in each and every consultation we deliver.

Social Research

We provide evidence-based tailored research and intelligence to help our clients create responsive strategies and develop relevant goals, means and resources that would enable them to successfully implement their programs and maximize their social impact. We carry out all our work with extreme thoroughness, insight and integrity while upholding all principles of human research ethics and producing reliable and informative analyses and recommendations that can be functionally utilized by our clients to develop relevant strategies, goals, means and resources.

Capacity Development

We believe that developing our clients’ capacities is a long-term process that we design to be relevant and consistent with their mission and goals. Our approach to capacity building not only includes the development of our clients’ knowledge, capabilities, skills, behaviors and competence but also the provision of continuous coaching and support to ensure that our clients can run their organizations and programs more effectively, achieve their goals more successfully and become more sustainable financially.